Brossard, Quebec, Canada – April 27th, 2020 – DIAGNOS Inc. (“DIAGNOS” or the “Corporation”) (TSX Venture:
ADK) (OTCQB: DGNOF), a leader in early detection of critical health issues using advanced Artificial Intelligence
(AI) tools, provides an update on its CARA (Computer Assisted Retinal Analysis) AI Application, following the
Corporation’s participation in the US White House call to action data analysis program (“Program”), as referred to
in the Corporation’s March 25, 2020 press release. Pursuant to the Corporation’s analysis of the technical details
sourced from the Program, it is developing a new add-on test to CARA to provide an innovative solution for
COVID-19 patients by offering a means to monitor health through retina analysis. DIAGNOS’ scientific team has
been able to link the Corporation’s core business application of its CARA technology for early onset of blindness
caused by Diabetes to assess the effects of COVID-19 on patients.
In an effort to help patients exposed to the COVID-19 virus, DIAGNOS is formulating a test by means of its CARA
application to monitor the short and long-term effects of the virus through retina analysis and its proprietary
advanced detection algorithm. In the Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), DIAGNOS has identified evidence of
the impact of certain medication that affects the retina of the eye, more specifically diabetic patients. This dataset
continues to provide valuable information that address questions DIAGNOS is exploring in order to increase the
functionality of its CARA application, for instance analyzing the tendency for asymptomatic patients to develop
increased retinopathy symptoms that DIAGNOS could subsequently identify.
Mr. André Larente, CEO of DIAGNOS stated: “Through the use of the information contained in the CORD-19
dataset we have gathered from the US government Call-to-action”, DIAGNOS’ AI platform is currently being
modified in order to add innovative testing tools to help identify the effects of the COVID-19 virus. The AAO
(American Academy of Ophthalmology) has already identified certain medications that clearly demonstrate an
impact on the retina. Through the use of a fundus test, such as the one that we provide, we could add a test for
this specific pathology. We are testing our technology to see if we can eventually provide the proper solution to
build on our existing tests tools.”
DIAGNOS is a publicly traded Canadian corporation with a mission of early detection of critical health issues
through the use of its Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) platform FLAIRE. Using the FLAIRE platform, DIAGNOS is able to
build and further extend rapidly its applications such as CARA (Computer Assisted Retina Analysis). CARA’s
Artificial Intelligence image enhancement algorithms make standard retinal images sharper, clearer and easier to
read. CARA is a cost-effective tool for screening a large number of patients in real-time and has been cleared for
commercialization by several regulatory authorities including Health Canada, the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration, European Union and other countries.

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